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First Eastern Womens Engineering College
Koustuv Group of Institutions (KGI), renowned education institutions for more than 12years, started Koustuv Institute of Self Domain(KISD) exclusively for Women in 2001. The engineering college is managed by Naba Diganta Educational Trust under the dynamic leadership of Chairman Er. Prabhat Ranjan Mallick.Within a short period of ten.

word from CHAIRMAN

Not very long ago the field of technology for that matter any type of technology was a dreaded area for women to tread. With the changing times, however, the women of the country have started taking part in the activities in various technologies fields. But the Technological world is still taken to be a male dominated. Against this backdrop, Nabadigant Educational Trust has established this Institute KISD, exclusively for women, to give them an opportunity to take the world in their stride. This Institute is first of its kind in eastern India established in 2001..

Er. Prabhat Ranjan Mallick


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First Eastern Womens Engineering College


Exclusive Womens Degree Engineering College

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